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 Adventure Making - Rules

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Adventure Making - Rules Empty
PostSubject: Adventure Making - Rules   Adventure Making - Rules EmptySat Aug 12, 2017 12:17 am

I'll delete this is Finn wants me to.

#1: You MUST have seven adventures per world.

#2: The final level must have you collect the shard, one way or another.

#3: Use the teleporter spectrum textures on the shards and teleporters. You need to use PowerWOP or Woppinator to add a texture option.

#4: Each world must have a thwart miniboss.

#5: Please try to use proper grammar and spelling. it's not required, but it's nice to clean up. (Note by Finn: I will do this just in case.)

#6: Make sure each level follows the general theme of the world!

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Adventure Making - Rules
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